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Reaching Goals in Joy

23 Nov 2018

...looking to Jesus,
the founder and perfecter of our faith,
who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross...

Hebrews 12,2

Jeremiah 15,16 says that Gods Word brings joy to your heart and at the same time it is those words that give you Gods plan and therefore the dream for your life! 

Gods plan for your life is something you enjoy, something that you have always dreamed about and simply the best life that you could possibly live on this earth!

So once you realized that you want to live in Gods plan for your life and then received His word, you will notice how His joy surrounds you and you start burning with anticipation. 
That joy is your strength in your day to day life, which is vital for you to reach the dreams and goals in your life, no matter how big or how small those dreams might be!

So now that plan for your life is something that you will enjoy, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t have to put some work in it.
As soon as you set out to reach your goal/dream in the fullness of joy, certain situations and tribulation will be there to steal that joy and thereby halt you completely.
You need to know this, so that you know what to do in those situation! Keep the original joy, NEVER let go of it and always keep your goal in front of your eyes, for only then will tribulation not be able to stop you and only then will you reach your goal!

Don’t be one of the many that have big dreams and want to reach many goals, but in the end never get anywhere. Instead do it like Jesus. Get Gods plan for your life, become full with joy and anticipation and then keep them, by not looking at that temporary tribulation, but at the wonderful life that you will live in, if you simply won’t quit NOW!

Faith in its perfection is seen when joy remains in spite of tribulation and that joy won’t disappoint, but ALWAYS bring the victory! 

Gods plan for your life is something you enjoy, something you always dreamt about and simply the best life YOU could possibly live here on this earth!
Now God gives you that dream through His Word and it will initially stir you up and bring you joy, but you need to guard your heart to always keep that joy, for once you set out to reach your dream, there will be tribulation, and that can only be overcome by looking forward to your dream, in the fullness of joy!
Don’t be like most people that never reach their goals. Keep the joy which perfects your faith and assures you the victory! (Jeremiah 15,16 & Hebrews 12,1-3)