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From Darkness to Light

19 Nov 2018

Is a lamp brought in to be put under a basket, or under a bed,
and not on a stand?

Mark 4,21

I always thought that this parable of the lamp doesn’t really fit into the context in Mark 4, since it is written right in between scriptures about sowing and reaping. Until God showed me how closely sowing and reaping is related to this parable of the lamp! 

Sowing and reaping is on of the highest lifestyles in Gods kingdom, since His whole kingdom works by the principle of sowing and reaping. Now that spiritual law was rejected and thought little of by many though, so that they pretty much hid it under a basket or a bed, so that no one can find it and so that it won’t shine for anyone!

Its light shone too strongly though for me to ignore it, and once I took it out from under the bed and finally put it up high, it light up my WHOLE life!

This spiritual law of sowing and reaping is a light in the darkness which is still hidden under your bed. It was given to you to remove ALL darkness in your life and to finally allow you to live in the light and thereby in the fullness of God. So start using and valuing it. 

It wouldn’t help you out much nowadays though, if you would reap and sow in a one to one ratio, and that is where Gods favor comes on the scene, which doesn’t just let you reap one to one but adds 30,60 and 100fold to that harvest! (Mark 4,24)
The law allows you to reap one to one, but Gods favor adds 30,60 and 100fold to it, so that really NO darkness can remain and that darkness stands no chance!

So where do you still have darkness in your life? Where have you kept your lamp under the bed all your life?
Are you sad, depressed, broke, without joy, no peace and not seeing how you could ever get out of your situation?

Hear Gods Word which promises you to light up your darkness and to make you perfect and complete, lacking nothing, no matter where you are right now.  
Take your seed now, find good ground and sow it. Then lie down in faith in Gods favor and then go out when the time is right to reap. That is how you will see what it means to pass over from darkness into light!

The spiritual law of sowing and reaping and especially the favor that is connected to it, which allows you to not only receive one to one, but 30,60 and 100fold, is given to you to remove all darkness out of your life, just like a lamp that is hung up high!
Don’t keep that law hidden away under a basket. Get the lamp out, put it on a stand and let it light up the darkness in your life.
Be it grief, poverty, strife, or any other darkness - sowing and reaping, through Gods favour, will remove them all and light up your life! (Mark 4,20-29)