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Fasting that changes Forever

18 Nov 2018

And for three days he was without sight, and neither ate nor drank.

Acts 9,9

When thinking about fasting I always thought about food only, how much I wouldn’t enjoy not eating for so long and how I just really don’t want to participate in that kind of fasting, until God showed me what the truth behind fasting actually is. 

Fasting is not a tool to get God to do something for you. Instead it is there for you to get your focus off of your flesh and onto your Spirit, so that you can receive what God already did for you!
It is about becoming independent of your flesh and finally getting it under control, to live in the fullness of God.
Furthermore it doesn’t only refer to food, but to everything in your life that is controlling you and that you think you cannot live without. 

So if you understood those things, I want to share the most important thing about fasting with you:
Fasting without a permanent change in your lifestyle is fasting in vain!

Too many people fast nowadays to just go back to their old lifestyles and living without control after they stopped, for which it would have been better to not have started in the first place. 
So now just like you can read in Sauls life, that he completely changed and became a “new” man after he was without sight, food or drink for three days, so should it be in your life after just a few days of fasting!

By fasting and keeping away from things that are not right and that keep you off track, whether it is lusts, TV, pornography, food, people or other things, you get control over those things and then you need to integrate that control into your lifestyle, by completely getting rid of some things and by re-introducing others into your life in a CONTROLLED manner, depending on whether they belong into your life or not!

So no matter what is still ruling over you, you can get rid of it or get it under control, by fasting in joy, in knowing that every fast and thereby every lifestyle change brings you closer to the likeness of God!

Fasting is not something to get God to do something for you. He has already done it and now it is up to you to receive it!
Fasting is a way to take your attention off of your flesh and all those things that you think you “can’t live without”, to focus in on your Spirit and change your life forever. See fasting is not something you do for a few days and then go back to living like you did before. Fasting should bring a change in your lifestyle, get rid of things that hold you back and get other areas of your life under permanent control.
It might be discomforting at first, but you can always practice it in joy, knowing that you will come out even more like God! (Acts 9,1-15)