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Avoid bad and live Good

17 Nov 2018

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, 
and those who love it will eat its fruits.

Proverbs 18,21

Words carry a lot more power than you thought up until now. From the beginning on we can see how words are required to create and see change, and how God uses Words to make the invisible visible, just like you used your words to shape your life exactly into what it is today! 

Nothing happens until and unless it is spoken first, not with God, not in His word, not in your life, not in your relationship, not in your job and nowhere in this world.

Just imagine following situation. You come home and think to have many reasons to be annoyed at your partner and just really give them a piece of your mind, walk up to them and just let hurtful and degrading words come out of your mouth.
Now with those words you set something in motion and now your partner is mad at you, you don’t get along with each other anymore and no one is happy, just because you chose those rash and foolish words.
Now you could have chosen other words too though. You could have spoken blessing instead of curse, by encouraging or speaking good about your partner and especially in those situations show even more love, which would have automatically changed the situation into good.

Now it is the same way in any other area of your life. 
Bad can be avoided by simply keeping your mouth shut if you dont have anything good to say and good can be called into existence by speaking it out loud! 

It is time for you to examine your life thoroughly and to find out where you still speak negatively, so that you can stop that and can start speaking good instead.
Dare to speak ONLY GOOD about yourself, about others and to others, no matter the circumstances and other influences, and you will see how your life will adapt to your words, for nothing happens without it being spoken first!

Nothing in your life happens before it is not spoken first!
God doesn’t do anything without speaking it first, in His word nothing happens without it being spoken first and in your life nothing happens without you speaking it first, be it good or bad! Whether you want to believe it or not, your mouth is where it all starts. Your mouth is where your defeats come from, your relationship problems, fights and other bad things, but it is also where your victories will be won, where your blessing comes from and where good life starts!
Turn it around in your mouth and it will turn around in your life!
(Numbers 14,1-3 & Numbers 14,22-30)