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Where two wills die and One forms

16 Nov 2018

Your kingdom come, your will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven!

Matthew 6,10

The reason for why many relationships nowadays fail, no matter whether it is between people or between men and God, is that too many start relationships because of selfish reasons, only looking for their best.
Now relationships don’t function like that though. For a good relationship it ALWAYS needs the death of the own will and a new covenant with the partner, with only ONE will and ONE goal.

So no matter if it is in your marriage or in your relationship with God, the principle is the same. It cannot work as long as you chase your own selfish desires while trying to have a good relationship at the same time.

Now to actually implement this though, you need be able to trust God or your partner, that He is living by the same principle and is also just out for YOUR best, not their own. You need to be certain that the other party is not looking for their best but for Yours, and especially where this is almost impossible to find nowadays, we need someone that has been like that right from the beginning on, ONLY seeking YOUR best. And that is God!

You can trust God 100% that He is only out to bless you and therefore you can set aside your selfishness and your own will in joy, to live in a new covenant in ONE will with God, for Gods will for your life also include all your needs and desires met. In a covenant with God you are always the winner and He will never cheat you.

So don’t cling on to your own will any longer and be willing to follow one will and one goal with God, and then He will also teach you to find ONE will and ONE goal with your partner, so that there won’t just be two in the covenant with God, but three.
And wherever two wills die and join to form one in God, a indestructible covenant forms, lasting for all eternity! 

For any relationship to work, whether it is with your spouse, with God or with others, the key factor is letting go selfishness and seeking the will of those involved.
You need to let go of your own will and be willing to form a NEW covenant between both parties, with one common will and one goal! Now trust is of course the basis for this covenant, because unless you know both are seeking the good of the other, a relationship cannot function properly.
Now God is the only one that has always been seeking your best and your blessing. So put aside your selfish desires and make Gods will your will, and you will see great change in your life and your relationship with God!
(Ecclesiastes 4,9-12 & Matthew 6,9-10)