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The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of the Lord

14 Nov 2018

The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe.

Proverbs 29,25

Fears are not of God and God is telling you here once again that fears are only there to snare you, to trap you and to thereby steal your safety, your life and your abundance.

You, as human, weren’t even created to deal with fears. Did you ever notice how bad you feel once you are scared, that you feel uncomfortable and that your whole body is fighting against it?
That shows that you weren’t created to live in fear, and just like medicine proofs that fear makes you more susceptible to diseases, we can also read about it in Gods truth!

So fear is not healthy and not good for you, for it snares you and opens the door to your enemy. Now there is a way to overcome those fears though. It is trusting in the Lord.

To trust in the Lord in the biblical context is nothing else but the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the ONLY kind of fear that you are supposed to have in your life and therefore it is self evident that it cannot mean to be scared of God! Instead it describes a respect, a reverence and a complete trust in God which keeps you away from fears and therefore removes all snares!

Your enemy has been trying to twist the truth about the fear of the Lord for a long time, for if you don’t understand it you will walk right into the trap. So don’t stumble in the dark any longer,  but develop in the fear of the Lord, in deep trust in His ability, and you will finally rest satisfied and be unreachable by harm! (Proverbs 19,23)

Fears are put in place to snare you and make you susceptible to failure, defeat and all other parts of the curse. It is like a lifeline, only that it leads to death and not life!
Now there is one fear though which keeps you away from the snares of death, and that is the fear of the Lord! It doesn’t mean to be afraid of God though. All it means is respect and reverence for God, indicating a deep trust in Him and a knowing that He is out to bless you, not to harm you! Don’t fall for the trap of fear. You can choose how you want to respond to situations. Don’t make a way for death but choose God and walk the way of life! (Proverbs 29,25 & Proverbs 19,23)