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Success doesn’t come without Effort - 3 Steps to Success

12 Nov 2018

So we can confidently say: 
“The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”

Hebrews 13,6

Everyone would like to see success in their live, but since only very few are willing to actually work for it, success is mostly seen as something “mysterious” that some people just have and others don’t.

Now it isn’t Gods will for YOU to be unsuccessful in your life and to not be able to handle any situation. God wants to bring YOU up so high, that YOU are the most successful in your family, in your circle of friends and in all your environment, because that’s how you will glorify Him!
So that is why I want to share 3 steps with you today, that God spoke to me and that you should use to finally see success.

First of all it is important to understand, that fears are one of the main reasons why people don’t pursue their goals and remain in their comfort-zone, unsuccessful. The people that are success in everything they do are the ones that know how to conquer their fears and therefore never quit pursuing their goals!

So now the first step is to get knowledge, for knowledge builds confidence and confidence destroys all fears! (verse 6) 
After you figured out what area you are still afraid in, start increasing your knowledge in that specific area. Read books about it, get help from others, create plans on how to continue to pursue your goals and MOST IMPORTANTLY, increase your knowledge of Gods Word concerning those areas of fear and find out what He promised you!

The second step is to NEVER allow the world and all other influences to demotivate you, by always keeping your goal in front of your eyes and by ALWAYS making your possibilities and abilities dependent upon Gods ability, not your own. God is in YOU!

So after you did all that and became fear free, with knowledge, a plan and God-in-You, take the third step and step out of your comfort-zone in confidence, into your success, your goal and your promised land!

Success is not something mysterious that some people have and other don’t. It simply comes when you overcome your fears and finally step out of your comfort zone! Now knowledge is what builds confidence and confidence completely destroys fear. So wherever you still fear, you are not confident in being able to reach your goal, to step out and receive Gods best. You are not confident in what God-in-you is able to do!
Don’t let fear keep you trapped any longer. Build your knowledge in those areas you still have fear in and thereby become free from fear to pursue your goals!
(Hebrews 13,5-6 & Joshua 1,9)