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Eradicate your problem from its Root

11 Nov 2018

And in the morning, as they passed by,
they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots.

Mark 11,20

Everyone would like to have their life under control and be above all those daily disputes, the mood swings, the depressions, the failures, the poverty and the sickness, but as long as YOU continue approaching those situations the same way you have all your life, you will not see success. To finally see a change you need to let go of old methods and start approaching your situations completely different. 

All those things that come against you are usually in the natural realm. By that I mean that they are material problems or problems of your soul, including feelings, thoughts and temptations.
Now ALL those natural things require a spiritual (invisible) background for their existence, just like a tree needs the invisible root for its existence.

I’m not saying that the root of a tree is spiritual, but it is a symbol for the spiritual origin that the tree needs to exist.
That tree which Jesus changed from the roots up in these verses is a symbol for all your natural problems. It is the people that treat you bad, the day to day problems, the strife, the sickness, etc.. 
Now what we have been trying to do is change the entire tree by approaching every single leave and by trying to change them one at a time, instead of going directly to the spiritual root and eradicate the problem from there!

Your problem has a spiritual background/origin and YOU have the authority to change and renew it with only a few faith-filled words in the Name of Jesus.
Do it like Jesus did, stop fighting with the natural things and instead answer the spirit behind your problem that is trying to bring you down. Cast it out and then watch your problem dry up and wither away! 

Everything in your life, all the physical things, the emotions, the way people treat you, your possessions and everything else that is not spirit, depends on a spiritual force for its existence, and once you change the spirit behind it, everything else is going to change with it.
You don’t have to fight people, poverty, hurt feelings, depression and everything else in the natural realm, for you have the ability to change it in the spirit, which changes the root and therefore the whole tree! Stop trying to change the tree by messing around with its leaves. Get to the root and straighten your life out from there! (Mark 11,20-25 & Mark 4,37-39)