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Only guidance from Above brings you to the Cheese

10 Nov 2018

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, 
so are my ways higher than your ways, 
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55,9

If you ever saw a maze or tried to solve one in the newspaper, then weren’t you glad to see it from above, instead of being the mouse that can only see the high walls and has to try to find its way to the cheese?

The situation that the mouse is in, only seeing high walls and being trapped in the center of the maze, is the same situation that many people are in nowadays, and maybe even you feel that way at certain times. 
Every day we are bombarded with difficult situations in which we have to find a way out quickly to continue living in perfect peace, but as long as YOU are the mouse that only sees high walls and has to work by trial and error until it finds the right way, you will never live in perfect peace and will get stuck in every upcoming situation. 

Now just like you can guide the mouse to the cheese though, because you can observe it from above and are not facing high walls, the same way can God guide you to your cheese on a direct path, if you are willing to be lead!

The perfect solution to your problem and to your current situation, which brings you into perfect peace, is very specific and cannot be found by trial and error. It requires guidance from above. 

Gods ways and His thoughts are far above yours and when you can only see high walls, He can see the straight way and your promise. He is inviting you TODAY to come up to His level and to finally receive the ways and the thoughts for your “no way out” situation, so that you can see the straight way and the promise again.  

He has the solution, the way and the answer that will bring you into perfect peace. 
Receive it now and then start running towards your goal, certain of victory! 

Often times you find yourself in situations which seem like there is no way out and your life might feel like a maze with high walls. But know that there is a way that leads you out of your situations and into the perfect peace you have longed for.
Your ways and thoughts are too low to see over those high walls and find the right way out, but Gods ways and His thoughts are higher than yours! He cannot only see the right way out but He can also see your blessing on the other side.
Rise up to His level and stop living by trial and error. Let Him show you the way, follow it and live in perfect peace. It is that simple! (Isaiah 55,6-9 & Isaiah 26,3-7)