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Don’t yield to Fear

08 Nov 2018

For they all wanted to frighten us, thinking,
“Their hands will drop from the work, and it will not be done.”
But now, O God, strengthen my hands!

Nehemiah 6,9

This story is about Nehemiah, who was chosen to rebuild and fortify Jerusalem after it was destroyed, so that Gods people could live in it once again, in peace and complete protection. But just like you probably know from your own experience already, the devil tried to mess it all up.

Nehemiah was close to finally finishing the walls and thereby bringing complete safety and peace - you could say that he was a small step away from his promise - but right there and then, once the devil noticed that he is getting into trouble, he tries to take Nehemiah out with one of his most deadly weapons - fear!

Fear is not an unpleasant feeling that you should learn to live with and just get used to. NO! It is a weapon of the enemy that will keep you from ALL your promises if you yield to it.

Everything that brought you here, right up to your breakthrough, happened by faith, and faith is what will take you into complete victory, as long as you keep it fear free, for fear tolerated is faith contaminated! 

So no matter what is trying to scare you TODAY and no matter how long you have had them for, know that your breakthrough, your victory and your blessings lie on the other side of those fears. So don’t yield to that fear any longer. Recognize it as a weapon of your enemy instead, throw it out and then ask God to strengthen your hands even more.

Instead of letting the devil stop you, become even stronger, just like Nehemiah did, and thereby simply overrun the devil with his whole crew, instead of letting them stop you this close to reaching your goal!

Fear is a weapon of the enemy that has already kept more people from their promises and goals in life than you could ever imagine.
Especially when you finally dared to take a big step in faith and get close to your breakthrough, the devil will try to plant fear into you, for he knows that tolerated fear completely contaminates your faith!
Recognize that strategy and don’t fall for it. Instead receive even more strength and progress in prayer, so that you will simply overrun the devil with all his crew! (Nehemiah 6,1-19)