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Don’t let the enemy tremble any longer!

07 Nov 2018

I know that the Lord has given you the land,
and that the fear of you has fallen upon us,
and that all the inhabitants of the land melt away before you.

Joshua 2,9

Did you ever notice that all the people in the promised land had more faith in their failure, than Israel did in their victory?

Israel was just about to enter their promised land and so they sent out spies that came back with bad news and were so afraid, that they started spreading rumors/lies so that no one would dare to enter the promised land.
Now the land was promised to them and therefore already theirs, so that they only had to go in and receive it... BUT they got discouraged.

Discouragement is what keeps you from conquering and usually comes out of your own camp, while your enemy is just waiting for you to come and finally beat him.

The devil will speak that discouragement into your mind and your thoughts, or speak it through other people that are in the same situation with you. He is so desperate for taking your courage and confidence, because he knows that he will never be able to keep you from your promises once you dare to take that step!

Your enemy knows that he doesn’t stand a chance against you and even if he managed to discourage you for the past 40 years, he is still trembling when thinking about you taking a step towards your promised land.
Don’t let him discourage you any longer, no matter how impossible the situation might look or how many are speaking against you, for the truth is that the victory is already YOURS and that it is easy to receive, for it only requires your boldness to take the step into your promise.

Don’t let the devil tremble any longer and don’t let him feed you with rumors. Take courage, be certain of victory and start conquering your promised land today! 

Discouragement often comes out of your own camp, be it by your thoughts or others that are in the same situation with you, but YOU must not allow your confidence to flee! No matter what’s facing you, it is easily overcome and you can receive victory in next to no time, as long as you don’t allow rumors/lies to stop you, which make that easy situation sound impossible to overcome. 
Your enemy knows that He cannot win once you dare to move forward. So have confidence in your victory too, and then go and get it!
(Number 13,30-33 & Joshua 2,8-13)