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When Spirit and Flesh align

06 Nov 2018

For to set the mind on the flesh is death,
but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

Romans 8,6

Ever since you accepted God into your life, a war between your flesh and your new Spirit started, and since your flesh doesn’t like being in second place and likes telling you what to do, it will keep trying to get you away from following your Spirit!

Now it is useless for you to follow your flesh though, for it only brings temporary joy, pleasure and good feelings, but death in the long run. The true life, the good, joyful, pure and enjoyable life, where not only you, but everyone around you is also blessed, lies within the Spirit.

Look, your flesh has a voice just like your Spirit does, and it is up to you to choose the voice you want to listen to and to thereby choose between death and life/peace.

Your flesh will always tell you to do selfish and egoistic things, that it would like to do right in the moment. It will tell you to stay in bed a little longer instead of getting up to go to church. It will tell you to keep your money for yourself instead of giving it to God or those that need it. It will tell you to eat another piece of pie even though you already had half of it and are trying to loose weight, and it will tell you many other things. 

All those things that your flesh is telling you sound good to you in the moment and bring joy, but it is only short lived. Those things only benefit yourself while totally keeping you from moving forward in Gods kingdom, from reaching your visions and goals, and they will also cause you to miss out on many great things that God prepared for you.
Just look at what happened to Adam and Eve once they chose to reject what God (the Spirit) said and instead listen to their flesh. They probably enjoyed the fruit while eating it, but what happened after? They missed out on all the blessings and all the power that God had for them.

Don’t be a fool, instead learn to follow your Spirit, since it will lead you into the true life, into peace and blessing. Don’t let your flesh rule over you, instead RULE over it through the Spirit, for once your flesh is aligned with your Spirit, great miracles will happen and you will finally live in full manifestation of Gods favor!

Your Spirit is always willing to do what’s good, right and what gets you closer to God, but your flesh doesn’t like being in second place and won’t give up without a fight.
Your flesh will try to talk you out of the things God told you, it will tell you to keep things for yourself, stay in bed a little longer instead of going to church, watch more TV, etc., and as long as you listen to it, you won’t move forward in Gods kingdom!
Get your flesh under control and start telling it what to do, instead of it telling you what to do, for once your Spirit takes dominion and brings your flesh in line, power is released and things get done!
(Romans 8,6 & Genesis 3,1-10)