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No Compromise

05 Nov 2018

But as for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord!

Joshua 24,15

The devil has been working hard over the past hundreds of years, to finally get believers to compromise with him and to thereby allow him to rob them off their inheritance and blessing.
That decision, to compromise with the devil or not, is your choice and where you might have allowed compromises in your life just out of ignorance, I want to ask you to thoroughly inspect your life again. 

Already in the old Testament we can see how people tried to live in Gods blessing and at the same time serve other idols. They wanted to have some of the true God, some of this other “God” or some of that “God”, but just like back then, those compromises always lead to pain, division and grief. 

Now it might be that you’re not worshiping idols, in the sense of praying to golden calfs or statues, but idols can also be of completely different forms.
The question I want you to ask yourself today is this: Where did the devil rob me of my blessing and where do I still not experience 100% of Gods best?

It might be, that you allowed the devil to compromise your health.
Maybe you got satisfied with 80% healing and think that you are able to handle the 20% sickness. Maybe you got satisfied with 70% prosperity, 40% peace, 60% good relationship, 50% success and 30% saved, and think that you are able to handle those other percentages of curse.

All those things, as long as you don’t experience 100% blessing, are compromises, that you made with your enemy, and TODAY I want to encourage you to reject those compromises and not give up, until you see 100% blessing, for 100% blessing is your inheritance!

Praise God for every percent of blessing you receive, but at the same time don’t quit at 99% blessing. God already gave you 100% and wherever you got less, the devil stole it through compromising. 
Don’t allow it any longer and make the decision today, to serve your God with your whole house and with an UNDIVIDED heart! (Matthew 6,24) 

The word that God has for you today is this: NEVER COMPROMISE! 
The devil has been trying hard to get believers to compromise with him and to thereby accept some of his curse and some of Gods blessing. Maybe 80% healing and 20% sick, 70% prosperous and 30% broke, 50% saved and 50% unsaved,… Your enemy could only do this though, because you got comfortable with only 80, 70 or 50% of blessing, but TODAY, just like He always used to, God wants you to live in a 100% blessing and 0% curse! 
Don’t compromise with the devil and don’t quit until you see 100% in every area of your life. It belongs to you and the devil has no right to cheat you out of it!
(Joshua 24,14-15 & Matthew 6,24)