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The wonderful Name of Jesus

04 Nov 2018

Our help is in the name of the Lord, 
who made heaven and earth.

Psalms 124,8

The Name of Jesus is a wonder-full gift, given to you, to finally shut the devil off and to live in the fullness of God, right here and now!

No matter how bad your situation might be and even when others made it out to be hopeless and incurable, there is a help and salvation for you.
God created all of heaven and earth and therefore He knows everything to the smallest detail. So before you write something off as being hopeless and incurable, you should FIRST check in with God, if this is really the truth about your situation!

If you do that though, you will quickly realize that God NEVER writes anything in your life off as hopeless and incurable, and therefore you should neither!
So that means that there is ALWAYS help and salvation ready for you, no matter how badly you messed up or what problem you are facing, and that help is in the NAME of your Lord!

That Name of Jesus carries so much power, because within it is the victory over everything that pertains unto death and the curse, including the devil himself. So no matter what’s keeping you from your GOOD life, it is already overcome in the Name of Jesus, since everything that is still keeping you out comes from the devil.

Realize the authority that is in the Name of your Lord and start using it in your life, to finally put the devil back in his place, UNDER your feet!  

The right to use the Name of Jesus in your life was given to you, for there is a lot of things which you are incapable of overcoming in your own ability.
The Name of Jesus is so powerful, because in it is the victory over everything that pertains to death and to the curse. Everything that is standing against you and that is keeping you from living in heaven on earth is from the enemy and can therefore be overcome in the Name of Jesus.
Develop your faith in the wonderful Name of Jesus and then speak it in authority, and all your enemies will flee! (Psalm 124,8 & Mark 16,17-20)