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From death to Life

03 Nov 2018

Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.

Revelation 2,10

It is often taught that we have to suffer for God, be sad, poor, beat, sick and not enjoying anything,… BUT that is not true!, God doesn't want us to suffer death for Him, and grief, poverty, pain and all other bad things belong to death. Instead He wants you to receive the crown of life!

This verse talks about your attitude towards God and He is telling you here that it is important for you to be WILLING to always stick to Him, no matter what happens, but NOT that you have to suffer through it. It is about being faithful, not suffering, because Jesus has already carried all of death in your stead, just so you won't have to. 

Before you can even be “faithful unto death” though, you have to understand what kind of father you have!

God is a father that cares for His children like no other. He equips His children with all of His power, fulfills all their wishes, is always with them, leads them in all they do, supplies all their needs and gives them the desires of their hearts on top of that. So what does that mean to you, if not, that God is GOOD! 

So before you can be “faithful unto death”, you have to have realized that God is a good God and doesn’t want death for you. He wants you to have the crown of life.

Now it is important for you to be willing to withstand anything by faith for God, no matter what it might be, because once you settled it in your heart, to not depart from God, no matter what might come your way, you have completely taken ALL power away from death/the devil and surrendered completely to Gods will, which is the crown of life for you! - And that finally includes the good life, here and now, without suffering and lack.

Can you see now, where many came to the wrong conclusion and thereby made God out to be a God that sometimes gives life and sometimes death? Don’t believe that any longer! Be willing to stick to God, no matter what might come against you, and you will enjoy the truly blessed life, right here and right now, without death and without any curse, for now God is controlling your life, not your enemy!   

There is a certain attitude you need to see results in your life and to enter that new level of being blessed. The attitude is, to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and to be willing to stick to God, no matter what might come your way, for if you are willing to do that, then the devil has no hold on you and God can take over!
Look, God doesn’t want you to suffer, to live the low life or to experience death. He wants to bless you beyond what you need, by giving you the desires of your heart. Know that God takes good care of His children and then completely submit to Him. You won’t regret it! (Revelations 2,10 & 1. Peter 5,5-9)