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His word is Your Power

02 Nov 2018

Let us go over unto the other side!

Mark 4,35

The revelation I want to share with you today is easy to understand and straight forward, but it carries the power and the authority to change your whole life into the supernatural.

The revelation is this: 
When God sends you out on a mission, then those words that He sent you with, transfer all the power that you need to reach the goal unto you, to see the results and to overcome every obstacle along the way! 

Just look at the story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4,35-41. 
Jesus only said to His disciples: “Let us go over unto the other side!”
That was the mission. That was the assignment that He gave His disciples, and those few words also gave all the power and the authority to the disciples, to not only go to the other side in their boat, BUT to also calm the storm.
That’s why it is no surprise that Jesus marveled at their unbelief after they didn’t have faith and didn’t use the authority that was given to them.

The same principle we can see with Peter walking on the water.
Jesus only said “Come!”, and that word gave Peter the ability/authority to walk on the water to Jesus. Before that, Peter couldn’t walk on water, but once Jesus gave him that mission/assignment, he was well able to!

Can you see how powerful this revelation is?
No matter where God sends you and how impossible your assignment might be. 
No matter how unqualified, uneducated or unskilled you are, the moment God sent you, the “un-“ was removed and now you are qualified, educated and skilled to overcome EVERYTHING and to perfectly complete your mission!

Don’t question Gods love any longer, by doubting weather or not He cares for you. (verse 38) God cares so much about you, that He gave you authority over heaven and earth, when He sent you on your mission. Start using the power on the inside of you today!  

Whenever God tells you to do something, to go somewhere or to speak something, don’t think that God just sent you out on a mission without provision.
When God sends you somewhere, then those words He sent you with deposited the power in you, to get you to where He told you to go, to see the results He told you to get and to overcome every obstacle that comes along the way!
God has sent you out to do great and never before seen things in your life. Those words empowered you to do the impossible. Stir up that power on the inside of you and finally do those things that Jesus did and even greater things than those!
(Mark 4,35-41)