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Keep the Hope alive

01 Nov 2018

...and hope does not put us to shame,
because God's love has been poured into our hearts...

Romans 5,5

It is easy to get stirred up and motivated by Gods word and His promises and to start running towards them, full of hope and anticipation, but the reason why so many people don’t end up living in His promises is that they gave up their hope only a little later and stopped pursuing their goals. 

Be one of those that gets stirred up by Gods promises and all His good things, but then don’t let go a few days, weeks and years after. Be consistent and ALWAYS keep your hope alive, for you will reach your goal, with 100-percent certainty, if you don’t give up hope. 

So your part in not trying to figure out how you can make it to your goals. Your part is to keep your hope and to not let go of your goals, for Gods love is the force that will bring your goals to pass, if you won’t quit. 

God loves to give you high hopes and big goals and He also loves to bring them to pass.
It might be that your goal is healing, prosperity, a new car, a house, a spouse, a better education, or anything else, and God wants you to reach those goals, but now it is up to you to not give up hope. 

Just think of how it would be if you were to quit now. No hope of getting healed, getting peace, joy, a partner,…? That would be terrible and would only bring grief. (1. Thessalonians 4,13)
Therefore, before you give up and burry your head in sand, burry your head in Gods word instead and wake up your hope once more, for you will finally live in those promises that are far better than your current situation!

The best ist still ahead of you. Don’t give up now!

Once you set out to reach your goals, it is vitally important for you to always keep your hope alive, for without hope you will quit and procrastinate, never reaching what you wanted to reach and ending up in grief.
Whatever you do, never allow anything to steal your hope and be constantly reminding yourself of your goal and all the pleasure that comes with it.
If you don’t quit by giving up hope, you will for sure reach your God given goal, for Gods love will get you there! (Romans 5,3-10 & 1. Thessalonians 4,13)