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Be overcome by God

31 Oct 2018

...for by whom a man is overcome,
by the same is he also brought into bondage.

2 Peter 2,19

Especially when you are just about to take a step of faith, into the “unknown”, where you might be the only one out of your friends, your family or those around you, your past, your previous life and those good old times will look compelling and call your name. 

Once you made the choice to trust in God and to strive after His things and His promises, the devil will bring your past and other “good” things you used to have up, to get you off track, for he knows that you are just a step away from your breakthrough and that your future is far better than your past could have ever been. So don’t let him distract you and always know that the things of God are far better than the things of your past!

Now everything that overcomes you brings you into bondage (verse 19) - you used to be enslaved by this world, but now God gave you access to His kingdom, where you can live under His promises and under His control.
Now the only question is whether you let the world overcome you or whether you let God overcome and overwhelm you. Whether you have your thoughts and your whole life with God and His things, or whether you always look back unto this world, looking at how “good” they all have it.

Being enslaved by or in bondage means to be tied together with and to be controlled by someone, and the good thing is that you can now choose whether you want to be tied together and controlled by Gods grace and favor, or whether you want to be tied together with this world, all its disasters, ignorance and failures. 

God took you out of the system of this world, just like you would take a sow out of its mire to be washed. That is how God pulled you out of your mire. And He not only washed you and made you a “royal-sow”, but transformed you into a completely new species of being and gave you a new, clean and blessed place to live in. (Verse 22) 

Don’t return to the mire and the things of this world. Live under Gods dominion, in all of His best, not as sow, but as the righteousness of God!  

God allowed you to enter into His kingdom and into the domain of His promises and His control, but now you can choose to stay in that kingdom or return to your old ways and the world ways of doing things, which would be like a washed sow returning to its mire.
Don’t be that sow, overwhelmed and overcome by this world. Instead be overwhelmed and overcome by the things of God, for God doesn’t only want to take you out of your mire and clean you up, but He also wants to give you a fresh and clean place to start over, in His kingdom and under His blessing! (2. Peter 2,17-22)