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God yearns for the Unity

29 Oct 2018

He yearns jealously over the spirit that he has made to dwell in us...

James 4,5

Did you ever wonder how God could yearn for His own Spirit or why He would first give us His Spirit, to then “regret” it and prefer to have it back?

This verse can be easily misunderstood. So let me share the revelation with you that God spoke to my heart today. 

God gave His Spirit to you and me, so that we can receive it and have Him living in us. God never wanted that we stop there and remain in all our old circumstances and habits though, just with the new Spirit.
God gave you the Spirit, so that He (the Spirit) becomes your new identity and so that you become that new Spirit. God needs that born again man, that you are, for Him to form a unity through which all the power and fullness of God can come unto this earth.

God yearns for the Spirit that He made to dwell in you, for He wants to become a unity with YOU, for it needs that unity and friendship to change the world. 

God cannot do much without you on this earth, just like He can do nothing for you without your consent. So that means that God needs you, just as much as you need Him, and once you realized that and stepped into unity with God, nothing will be able to stop you!

God yearns for that unity with YOU, for now everything is finally available and now nothing can keep you from entering that unity.
Become ONE with God, work with Him, do everything with Him and always be aware of your unity with God Himself, for that’s how miracles happen! 

You and God are meant to work together as one unit, complementing each other, to live out the fullness of Gods nature here on this earth!
God gave you His Spirit to dwell in you, to become the very person that you ought to be. But too many people have received His Spirit, without entering into the unity.
God yearns for the Spirit He has put inside you, because He wants you to become one with Him, work with Him and be inseparable. He needs you to appropriate His blessings and to get those things done that need to be done. And you need Him to live the life you always dreamed about! Team up with God and stop lacking in every area of your life! (James 4,5 & John 17,17-23)