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Claim your Recompense

26 Oct 2018

And the sons of Israel have done according to the word of Moses,
and they ask/claimed from the Egyptians vessels of silver and vessels of gold, and garments...

Exodus 12,35

On the example of Israel, we can perfectly see how God leads out of captivity, but we can also see what vengeance actually means and why it is so good to have a God of justice!

With vengeance I don’t mean hatred, wrath and trying to hurt someone, like most understand it nowadays. Vengeance simply means to restore justice and to receive EVERYTHING back that the devil stole from you!

Israel was captured in Egypt as slaves, even though they were Gods people. But because God is a God of justice, He couldn’t tolerate that. That’s why He didn’t just make sure that justice was restored by freeing Israel, but also executed vengeance, by making sure that Israel received recompense for all the damage that was done to them. That is how they left Israel healed, completely provided for and with big treasures.
So that means that redemption is not complete WITHOUT full provision and recompense! 

God hasn’t changed and just like back then, He wants to lead you out of your bondage too. No matter what the devil stole from you, be it healing, joy, peace, your partner, money or any other thing, or where He still keeps you captive. It is UNJUST!
So claim justice TODAY and let God guide you into freedom, and then don’t just sit around there, but also claim full recompense from the devil, for all the time, the humiliation, the grief,… that you suffered through.

Once you start living in the fullness of Gods justice, don’t allow the devil lay hands on your stuff and claim recompense for everything, you will eventually become too expensive for him to mess with. He does not want to waste his treasures on continually paying you off for the times he tried to attack you!

God is the God of salvation and with that also the God of justice, restoring everything broken and making the enemy pay for the damage he has done to you!
When God executes vengeance, there is no hatred and wrath involved. It simply means to restore to you what the devil stole and to repay you for the time you spent and for other things you had to suffer through.
Redemption is not complete without provision! So don’t just let God lead you out of your bondage, instead be set free and claim your recompense! (Exodus 12,31-41)