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Be faithful in sowing your Revelation!

25 Oct 2018

And the things that you heard of me among many witnesses,
the same commit to faithful men,
who will be able to teach others also.

2 Timothy 2,2

God has many great revelations in store for you and the revelations that Jesus had, that Paul had, that many anointed men of God nowadays have and that I also received in part already and keep growing in it, are the same revelations that God wants to share with YOU!

Those revelations will initially be simple ones, easy to understand and to practice, but the more revelations you receive and the more you grow in them, the greater, the bigger, the more complex and the more authority-carrying they become!

Now it is up to you though, at which level of revelation you walk, for God will only give more to you, once He knows that you put those things He shared with you to work in your life, and that you were faithful to share them with others, to help them grow also.

So what does that mean? - God wants to constantly bring you up higher and higher and give you greater revelations, until you are at the level of Jesus Christ himself, understanding all the “secretes” of God and thereby living in complete authority. Now it is up to you to put the revelation you have right now to work and to share it with others, for only then can God give you something greater. Every revelation is based upon the previous one.

I also thought at the beginning, when I started writing these devotionals, that after a few days I will just run out of revelations to share with you. But every day I would sit down again in the evening, with no idea of what I’m going to write about, BUT knowing, that God will be faithful to give me something new, for I was also faithful to teach that revelation to others.
That’s how I’m sitting here again tonight, almost a year later, with a new revelation and new joy in my heart, for GOD is FAITHFUL!

Be also a faithful soldier in the army of God, which doesn’t have any weaklings! Don’t get entangled with the affairs of this life, instead reap your revelation and sow it again, so that an even better and stronger fruit will spring up tomorrow!

If you are lacking Gods revelation and feel like He never gives you any more, then it is not that He doesn’t have more for you. It is because you haven’t been faithful in putting those revelations you have to work and sharing them with others! 
Don’t get entangled with affairs of this life, but be a faithful soldier that is out to do the will of Him that chose and sent him. Be strong in the grace that is on your life and follow Gods calling for you. Receive His revelation, put it to work and share it with others, and even better and greater fruits will spring up! (2. Timothy 2,1-13)