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Live in the Revelation

23 Oct 2018

For to us a child is born … and his name shall be called 
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9,6

All the way from the beginning up into YOUR life, we can see that God does nothing, without revealing it in His word first. Throughout the old testament we can see the word talking about Jesus, it describes the whole way up to the cross, the crucifixion itself and even the resurrection. But now only that. It describes everything else that God did too. Everything was FIRST revealed! 

God acts that way so that you can get ready NOW and be prepared for what is awaiting you in your future, and that now you can start worshipping and praising Him already, where His promises might not be clearly visible to you at the moment! 

Those revelations can happen in many different ways, but most of the time they will come from His word, for in it He already revealed everything you could ever need to you. Starting with healing, up to prosperity and eternal life on His side.
He can also use other means though. For example I noticed that He revealed a lot of things in my life through dreams. I often dream of certain situations in my future that just escape my mind again right after I wake up, or that I would write off as "nonsense". Those exact dreams would later happen to me and God would then remind me of that dream again, even though it might have been years ago that I dreamt it!

That's for example how God revealed my girlfriend to me, before I ever saw or met her. He revealed to me that I would study in Czech Republic, that I would have a bible study with my girlfriend, that we will spend some time in the Caribbean's, that I will write sermons and many other things. 

What am I trying to say? - God wants to reveal your future and all the good things that He has prepared to you, so that He can finally perform them!
Don't write it off as "nonsense", no matter how unlikely it seems, for nothing is impossible to God and in His anointing!

Believe the unbelievable and trust in God where it seems hopeless, and you will receive the impossible and reach the unreachable!

God does nothing on this earth, including your life, without revealing it to you first!
Throughout the bible we can see God revealing His plans before carrying them out, and when you are willing to listen and seek God, His plan for you will be revealed to you! Most of the time He will do it through His word, but that is not the limit. It might be through prophecies, through dreams or other sources, but before you take something and make it out to be Gods plan for your future, check with your heart! Receive the revelation of your future in God and then strive after it without compromising! (Isaiah 9,6-7 & Johannes 1,1-17)