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Contagious Faith

21 Oct 2018

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world.
And this is the victory that has overcome the world— our faith.

1 John 5,4

Faith is an awesome thing and within faith lies great power, to change your whole life, all your circumstances and even yourself, if you use it correctly.

God says though that faith without works is dead (James 2,17). So to get your faith working it is time for you to put works behind it, and one of the greatest works of faith are words!
Your words show you and others not only what level of faith you are at, but they also reveal to you your future, for you create your future with the words you speak!

So now what is the faith that will bring victory in my life? 

First of all, faith is confidence in Gods will to bring you success in all you do and His ability to carry it out. Then once you realised that all of that ability resides in you, your confidence is going to rise up and out of that confidence you are going to speak. 
Then those words won't be failure, lack or defeat any longer, talking about how hard those test are, how impossible the situation is and how incurable the disease. They will be words of confidence, victory and easy living in Gods blessing! 

Then those words of faith won't be dependent upon your ability or your knowledge, for you will speak in confidence, since you know that GOD IS ABLE. And the even more amazing thing about that faith is that it is contagious! 

By speaking good about yourself, others will start thinking better of you and start thinking of you as successful, and thereby you are actually firing up their faith, to believe with you for your victory!
I used to do this with all exams I had at university and I still do it with all other things I have going on. Once I refused to talk bad about them and started talking about how: "I am ready, I am prepared, they are easy, I will pass…", those people around me started believing for me to pass those exams. Then their faith, combined with mine, released even greater power and brought me the victory! 

It works in any area of life! Don't let the devil work against you by planting failure and defeat in those around you. Speak good and confident of victory, about everything you do, and build up your faith and others, to get you the promised victory! 

Your words are what reveal your faith, they will tell you what you truly believe in and they tell you what will come to pass in your future! 
Now faith can move mountains, but you need to back your faith up and put it to work by speaking words of faith! Don’t speak out things you wouldn’t want to come to pass in your life. Use faith instead and adjust your mouth to Gods word. Speak of confidence, victory and blessed living, for that’s what will then come to pass in your life! Speak only good about yourself, others and everything around you, for those words of faith form your future! (1. Johannes 5,4 & Hebrews 10,35-39)