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If you want guidance, you have to listen YOURSELF!

20 Oct 2018

...these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit.
For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.

1 Corinthians 2,10

God gave you His Spirit, which can lead you in EVERYTHING and always has the right answer ready. So why do you still try to replace His guidance by other, worldly things?

Most of us know that God is all-knowing and that He has the right answer, but we never learned how to hear from Him directly and how to be lead, and therefore we seek other solutions.

We might go to the priest and ask him what he things, or we might get the opinion of our friends. We will see what the community thinks or what the safest way is. We will see what's good for our reputation, what brings more money in, etc., BUT all those things should NOT be considered, when seeking guidance that gets you to where YOU want to be!

In the everyday life, a lot of questions come up, big and small decisions need to be made and time always continues - YOU HAVE TO make a decision. 
So before you continue being lead by this world and make sometimes good and sometimes bad decisions, learn how to tune your inner ear to Gods voice and His Spirit!

Hearing from Him requires practice and the longer you practice it, the more detailed you will be able to hear and the bigger decisions you will be able to make in complete security.
But if you think that you never ever heard from God before and that you have no idea how to hear from Him, then just follow these steps.

Take 5-10 minutes every day where you can come before God all by yourself. Lay your situation out before Him and tell Him that you are opened for His voice NOW, that you have time to hear from Him and that you are sure that you will receive guidance. Then bind all bad thoughts and wrong decisions that the devil tries to bring up, in the Name of Jesus, and start writing everything down that you hear in your Spirit!

You might get your answer right away or it might take you a few minutes longer, but if you just stick with it, no matter what, you will receive guidance and then you can be 100% certain that you are on the RIGHT way and made the RIGHT choice!  

Many try to substitute the leading of Gods Spirit by natural means. They make choices based on opinions, base on the majority, based on what’s good for their reputation or what brings money. BUT DON’T be one of them! 
Tuning your ears to Gods voice and His guidance requires practice and it might not seem 100% clear at the beginning, but that is when you need to just stick with it, take some time off your busy schedule, become quiet and see what God is telling you. Only His Spirit can lead you to your blessing place! Be willing to follow It, no matter what! (1. Corinthians 2,9-12 & Ephesians 5,15-19)