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Are you a Lord or a Slave?

19 Oct 2018

But I say that so long as the heir is a child,
he is no different from a bondservant,
though he is lord of all...

Galatians 4,1

Too many Christians are still observing days and months and years, in expectancy of their healing, their success, their peace, their full bank accounts,etc., simply because we were taught that there is a certain time for certain promises and God will give them once the time is right. 

Even though that is true in some ways, it was twisted so much that it's keeping you from receiving.
That set time, where EVERY promise and EVERYTHING that is Gods will be YOURS is not far off in your future, but it is already in your past. (verses 3-7) 

Before Jesus died for you, you were completely dependent upon this world, you were influenced and directed by it and could therefore reach nothing. You were a slave to this world.
Once Jesus died for you though all that changed! He lifted you up out of the position of a slave and gave you the sonship, which made you an heir and at the same time Lord over EVERYTHING!

That means, that you have 2 paths in front of you. Either you stay a child, by running after everything you see, being influenced by this world and therefore becoming its slave, OR you can grow up by receiving Jesus and all His favor, which takes you out of slavery and makes you LORD over this world!

As LORD of this world, the set time for your promises is already in your past (now is the right time - 2. Corinthians 6,2) and now you have complete control over them. You can cast them out or call them in, whatever seems right to you as Lord.

God doesn't need a bunch of babies that are being tossed and turned by this world. He needs Lords and Rulers under His leadership!
Make the decision to grow up and to finally live as ruler of this earth, instead of letting it throw you around, TODAY!

There was a set time for every promise, every breakthrough, your healing, your financial overflow, your families delivery and any other promise of God. Before that set date, you couldn't receive any of those promises, but thanks be to God that that date is not far away in your future, but in your PAST! 
You used to be influenced, controlled and were thereby enslaved to this world, but through Jesus you WERE made the son/daughter of God and therefore you can now live as owner of everything God has! You are a free man/woman. Don’t go back to being enslaved by this worlds system! (Galatians 4,1-10)