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The Steppingstone to Victory

17 Oct 2018

For godly grief produces a repentance that leads
to salvation without regret,
whereas worldly grief produces death.

2 Corinthians 7,10

We often have a hard time relating a God that is ONLY good with His attributes of correction and repentance, since we only know the worlds kind of repentance, but never realized what the true God kind of repentance is!

The repentance of this world always brings regret and death, leaves us stuck in our defeats and reminds us of it daily. That is often the only kind of repentance we know. But when God talks about correction and repentance, it has NOTHING to do with regret and NOTHING to do with death. Gods repentance brings salvation, restoration and success, especially where you just messed up yesterday!

You are not perfect in everything you do and you don't always do Gods will 100% of the time. That means that you are IN NEED of correction (repentance), so that you can start living in Gods perfection more and more and thereby always experience more salvation, more success and more breakthroughs (not breakdowns).

God won't correct you if you are unwilling and not ready for it though. But if you want to get somewhere in life and want to experience great things with God, BE OPENED for correction!
That correction might seem hard at times and cause you to grief a little (verse 9), but if you receive it with an opened heart and with a knowing that it will be the step to your victory, you will experience great things in your life.

The repentance of this world tries to keep you in your mistakes and brings regret, but the true repentance that comes from God, which is a change of mind and realignment, is ALWAYS good and will NEVER cause you to regret anything, for that correction is the steppingstone to your victory!

Be opened for Gods correction. Receive it in joy, act on it and enjoy life in the supernatural. God is SIMPLY good! 

God will show you where you messed up and correct you in certain areas, once He knows you are ready for it, not to make you regret though, but to make your failure a stepping stone to victory! 
Correction is usually never something enjoyable, but you need to learn to overlook that grief and see beyond it, for beyond that grief is no regret, but only success.
Don’t let the world grief you and talk you into regretting what you did, but when God comes to correct you, be opened for it and receive it with joy, for the worlds grief brings death, but Gods correction brings you the victory!
(2. Corinthians 7,8-10)