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Always a Reason to Rejoice

16 Oct 2018

A joyful heart is good medicine, 
but a crushed (depressed) spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17,22

Many circumstances, certain people, situations and other worldly things try to steal your joy, and there are far too many people nowadays that let their circumstances rob them, and therefore just exist, living the same routine day after day, being sad, depressed, discouraged and dried up. 

I hope I didn't describe your life with those words! But if you feel like you belong in that category, then I got good news for you! There is medicine that will get you out and that only has good side effects - it is joy!

Through God in your life, you don't just have the authority to control your circumstances, but you also ALWAYS have more than enough reasons to rejoice and walk through life with a joyful heart.

Simply the fact that He forgave you of EVERYTHING that you did, so that you don't have to be in regret and stuck in your past any longer, should be reason enough for you to always be happy.
But God didn't stop there. He also gave you a future that is so glorious, that it could never be compared with the few small problems you have in this world.
And at last, He gave YOU something for right HERE and NOW, so that your joy will truly be complete. He gave you the authority over all your circumstances, promises that will satisfy all your desires and a peace, that nothing can stand against!

You have more than enough reasons to not walk around with a depressed and discouraged spirit, letting yourself dry out. You have the true life inside you and can therefore overcome EVERYTHING that comes in your way today, with the joy of the Lord!

It is fun being a Christian and once you started living in Gods joy, you will never want to go back to your old dried up life!

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones! Are you feeling like yourself and everything around you has dried up? Become lifeless, stagnant, every day the same routine with nothing good in sight? 
If yes, then you have lost your joy along the way and it is time for you to find things in your life to be happy about. Even if you feel like there is nothing in your current situation to shout about, look back to what God has already done for you or look ahead and start praising God for the big breakthrough He set up in your future! With God on your side there is ALWAYS something to shout about! 
(Proverbs 17,22 & 2. Chronicles 20,15-22)