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Why not also in the material?

15 Oct 2018

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden
to work it and keep it.

Genesis 2,15

Why are so many Christians convinced that God only functions, blesses and gives in the spiritual realm, and that all material things are bad? 
Why is it such a big problem for you to believe that God wants to bless you in the material realm, just as much as He does in the spiritual? 

The devil spread a rumor, that God does not care for material things, that He does not want to and will not give you material things and that all material possessions are bad. If you thought like that too and have problems to receive from God in the material realm though, let me help you out with the truth.

Even right at the beginning, God started by creating material things. The first things He did was create the material world, with its trees, bushes, rivers, animals,… but also with gold, silver and all other precious things. He even gave you flesh and bones, so that you can live in this material world, and if He already put you into this word and gave you the authority to multiply everything in it, do you really think that He is not interested in your material prosperity? 

Even your body is so important to Him that He will raise it up again and glorify it when He comes back, or glorify it right away, if He returns before you get to go home.

So what does that mean? God wants you to have overflowing abundance and blessings in the material realm, just as much as in the spiritual realm, and if you receive something material, He will be able to glorify it, so that it will serve His kingdom, His glory and your joy.

God enjoys blessing you materially just as much as He blessed you spiritually - with life in overflowing abundance! Don't doubt any longer and let Him give you His gifts instead!

The devil has been spreading a rumor that God is not interested in physical things, that He will only give you spiritual stuff and that all physical possessions are bad. 
Don’t you believe that rumor though! Even right at the beginning, the first thing God created was physical. He created physical trees, rivers, gold, silver and even you, with flesh and bone. On top of that He gave you the ability to multiply all those physical things!
Start believing that God wants to prosper and bless you in the physical realm, as much as He does in the spirit, and you will see it come to pass in YOUR life! (Genesis 2,5-15)