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Wise unto Good - Overcoming Evil

13 Oct 2018

I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil.

Romans 16,19

I used to think that I have to get my own life, my own thoughts and my own flesh (my lusts, desires,…) under control, before I can do good to others, until God showed me that I can totally overcome the evil by doing good!

The devil enjoys knowing that you are beating yourself up and trying hard to keep your thoughts and your flesh from evil, without even having time to think about the good. 

God told you to be WISE unto that which is good though, NOT wise unto the evil! 
You might have figured out how to keep your flesh under control and became wise in doing so, but even that won't get you the results that God wants to see.
You need to be wise as to what is good, not as to what is evil.

Instead of sitting home day in and day out, trying to keep the evil out of your life, try Gods method instead, for yours obviously hasn't been working.
Start ONLY thinking on the good, the whole day, day in and day out, meditating and doing good things. If you practice that over a longer period of time, you will notice how you become WISE as to what is good.

If you are just thinking about how to bless others, how you can do good to others, only thinking about positive and godly things, and then actually going out and doing them, all day long, your flesh and your soul won't even have time to think about evil things anymore, and even less time to do them. 

By you getting wise as to what is good, your thoughts and your flesh will have to adapt, for the things of God are far stronger and have authority. That is how you will automatically become innocent as to what is evil, for now you are wise as to what is GOOD! (Romans 12,21) 

It is useless for you to spend day in and day out trying to get your flesh under control and trying to stop thinking and doing all those bad things. 
Instead of that, just be wise as to what is good! Keep your mind thinking about good things, meditating on how to bless others and then going out and doing that.
If you practice that instead, day in and day out, your flesh and your thought-life won’t have a choice but to adapt to the good, and on top of that, people are getting blessed all around you, by Gods goodness flowing through you!
(Romans 16,19 & Romans 12,21 & Psalm 37,22-29)