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Guidance and not Law

12 Oct 2018

And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in
scorched places and make your bones strong; 
and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, 
whose waters do not fail.

Isaiah 58,11

Christianity was never designed to be a religion, but just like Israel asked God for the law in the desert, so did we also try to change Christianity into a bunch of rules. 
Those laws are all good as long as you want to live under religion, but know that Jesus came to once and for all fulfill the whole law, so that you don't have to live under it, but can instead live as Christian, NOT under religion, but in fellowship with God!

Gods plan from the beginning was to live in fellowship with You and everyone else. Without a law, does and don'ts. We can see from the beginning already, that God enjoyed talking to people, being together with them, having fun with them,… fellowshipping with them. 
That is exactly why He also gave Himself, just to get rid of the law and to restore that original plan of fellowship. 

God doesn't just want to give you a bunch of rules to keep so that you can try to do them and achieve something in your own ability. NO! He wants to lead and guide you in everything you do, for only guidance can get you to where God really wants you to be. - In heaven on earth!

That guidance can for example tell you where to go today, what to do, who to talk to, where to invest, what house to buy, what woman/man to marry, what doctor to go to, what to study, what verse to speak over yourself, how to save your family, etc.
All those things cannot be answered with just a few rules. Only first hand guidance (Gods guidance) can answer all those things and many more and can therefore get you to the point where you truly live in peace, without condemnation and regret.

Don't live your life dominated by rules and religion that will just tie you up and choke you. Live in freedom, in Gods guidance and in fellowship with Him.
Not only will you start enjoying your life, but you will also finally see results that you could have never reached in your own ability. They require grace!

Christianity is not a religion, for it is not about keeping rules and trying to work hard to earn something. It is all about fellowshipping with God, talking to Him, enjoying His company, being lead by Him and living the good life by His side!
That kind of life is impossible to receive by just keeping rules and commandments. That kind of life requires first hand guidance from God Himself, that cannot just simply be put in does and don’ts.
Don’t make your life about keeping commandments. Make it about receiving Gods Spirit and then following Him wherever He leads you.
That is how you can truly enjoy life, condemnation free and in heaven on earth!
(Isaiah 58,11 & John 16,13-15)