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Pride vs. Words of Faith

11 Oct 2018

Is it well with thee? is it well with thy husband? is it well with the child?
And she answered, It is well.

2 Kings 4,26

Words of faith and words of pride often sound very similar and the untrained ear will have a hard time discerning between them, but the difference couldn't be any bigger!

Words of pride are spoken when people completely trust in themselves and think that they're able to do everything in their own ability. I am sure you have heard those kind of words before and you might even have noticed that it is always those people that end up failing. (Proverbs 16,18) 

Because most of them end up failing, it became a habit to warn people from speaking those prideful words and to tell them not to speak them, so that they don't end up "jinxing" something.

Words of faith on the other hand don't bring destruction and failure, but they bring victory and success, wherever you use them!
Those kind of words don't rely on their own ability at all, but COMPLETELY trust in Gods ability and therefore say things like: "I can do all things...", "Everything I do prospers...", "I always have success...", "No sickness can touch me...", … 

Those words of faith often sound prideful and arrogant if it is unknown, whether they are spoken because of faith in God or just out of pride. 
So if you start speaking those words over yourself and especially in front of others, don't let them discourage or scare you, for those words of faith will bring you the victory and bring to pass whatever you speak.

If you don't feel like having people think of you and call you arrogant and prideful though, just make the whole thing easier for them and for yourself to understand, by speaking the whole verse.
"I can do all things THROUGH Christ which strengthens me!" (Philippians 4,13)  

Pride and words spoken in faith might sound similar to the untrained ear, yet they are the complete opposite. The first ones bring destruction and failure and the others bring victory and success! 
Pride talks the way it talks for it thinks that it can do ALL things out of its own ability. But because we have seen that fail over and over again, we tend to not speak pride/arrogant words, to not “jinx” anything. Faith on the other hand completely trusts in Gods ability and His power to do impossible things, and even though you might then sound prideful if you say: “I can do all things...”, it is spoken in faith and brings you the victory. (Proverbs 16,18 & 2. Kings 4,18-37)