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Envy? No thanks. Better things await me!

05 Oct 2018

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,
and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6,33

Envy is a tool of the enemy to keep you from your better future and to keep you tied up in your current situation, where you are in worse shape than someone else might be. 

Envy seems to be pretty accepted nowadays and it seems to be normal for people, but as the ones that have insight into Gods works and His way of doing things, we shouldn't allow even the smallest amount of envy to be in our family, our children, our churches and MOST OF ALL in ourselves! 

Envy appears when the devil comes to you and shows you all those nice things that others have, but that you don't have, and then tries to convince you that YOU will NEVER have anything that nice! 
If you believe that lie, you start becoming envious and wherever you see envy, you can be certain that doubt in Gods ability and His will to bless you are present too.
Envy is equal to saying: "I don't believe that God will ever be willing or able to give me those good things, or even better things, than someone else might have."

That envy is destructive and brings separation between people, but most of all separation from God.
God told you in Exodus 20,17, that you shouldn't covet your neighbors wife/husband, his slave, his ox, his donkey, his Porsche, his house or anything else. Why not? - Because God has something far better prepared for you, if you will only look to him instead of looking to your neighbor in envy. (Matthew 6,33)

If you see something nice, if your neighbor has a brand new car, a beautiful wife, an amazing husband, if your friend has the newest phone, your colleges have more success in the workplace than you, or any other thing, then that NEVER means that you cannot have the same thing or even better.
As long as you see something better, it always means that with God you can have something EVEN BETTER than your neighbor has! Therefore you don't have to envy anyone anymore!  

Rejoice with your neighbor over those amazing things he has got and at the same time know that even greater things are awaiting you, for YOU go with God and He is your provider! 

Envy is a weapon that the devil uses to bring division, hatred and destruction into peoples homes, and no matter if it’s between kids or adults, it should never be tolerated or encouraged, especially in yourself! 
The devil will always try to tell you that you will never have a car this nice, a house that big, a spouse that beautiful,... and when you buy into his lies, envy comes into your life. Envy is pretty much telling God that you don’t think it is His will or within His power to ever get you something as nice or even nicer - Which is a lie! 
God has much greater and better things prepared for you, and when you don’t buy into the devils lies, you will always be the one that’s better of!
(Exodus 20,17 & Matthew 6,33)