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The Victors Mentality

04 Oct 2018

He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame,
by triumphing over them in him.

Colossians 2,15

I am sure that you would agree with me right away, if I said that the devil has no power over God and that there is no way he could ever play his games with Him.
If I tell you now that the devil could be just as scared of YOU, as he is of God though, then how would you respond to that? 

Jesus did great wonders, and back then, most people probably thought just like many do today. They thought that Jesus can do it, because He is someone special, yet they themselves could never do those things.
What those people haven't yet realized though is that God sent Jesus, so that they and YOU can now live in full authority without being subject to the devil! (Luke 10,17-19) 

That is why Jesus made the way for you to walk in full authority and to not give place to the devil in your life, and He even gave you His own armor, so that you can look exactly like God in it! (Ephesians 6,10-12) 

So if everything is prepared for you, then the only thing you are missing is the victors mentality, to finally see the devil run away from you, the way God sees it.

Your attitude concerning yourself, your life, but most of all your today and your tomorrow, decides about victory or defeat, running away from the devil or seeing him run from you.

As soon as you get up, you need to start practicing that victors mentality and start seeing the victory, no matter how many impossible things you are facing.
Start your day by speaking these words to yourself and to the devil: "This is a new day of victory! I go with God and will put you to open shame again and will triumph over you. Today is a new day of Gods favor on my life. I have the victory and I live it!" 

That is how the devil will run from you, just like he runs from God and that is how he will wish for you to never have gotten up, because YOU mean trouble for him and his crew!

The devil ought to be as scared of YOU as he is of God. He doesn’t argue with God or try to fight him, for he knows there is no way he will ever stand a chance. 
But did you know that if u wrapped your mind around the fact that you can walk in the full authority of God and start living by this victors mentality, there is no way the devil can stand a chance against you either?  
As soon as you get up, get into a victor mentality and tell yourself and the devil that you walk in victory THIS DAY, that you will embarrass him in everything you do and manifest Gods favor wherever you go! (Colossians 2,13-15 & Luke 10,17-19)