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Speak the Word

03 Oct 2018

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,
and we have seen his glory...

John 1,14

Far too often we are still waiting on Jesus to finally hear our prayers and come down from heaven to fulfill them.  The problem with that attitude and that way of praying though is that Jesus won't come down every time someone prays, to do all the wonders for you!

God ensured a much better way to fulfill your prayers and that includes Him having already made all the good works and all your promises available to you, and Him giving you the WORD to receive those promises.

John 1 says that the Word was in the beginning and that everything was created through that Word. That Word then also became flesh and came to this earth in the form of Jesus.
So through that Word all the authority was transferred unto Jesus and through that Word He could do all the things that He did.
He spoke the Word, power was released and whatever the Word said came to pass!

So now we know how Jesus did all those great things and how He had such amazing results. But what does that have to do with you? 

When Jesus went back to the father, He left YOU the same Word that created everything, that has life in it, that He walked in and that He is. On top of that He gave you His Spirit, to show you which words of God are the right ones to speak in and over your current situation!

So you don't have to pray for Jesus to come down and save you from your sickness, your grief, your financial or your family problems. Instead you JUST need to SPEAK the Word!
The Word does the work. Speak the Word of God/Jesus over your circumstances and you will see that those Words bring you the same results that Jesus and even God Himself has!

Everything was created by the Word and in that Word is life. 
That Word became Jesus and walked in the fullness of Gods power on this earth, doing what He did and manifesting power the way He did. So it is that Word which has all the power and it is that Word through which Jesus did everything He did. Once He left though, He left YOU that very same Word, so that now YOU can do those things that He did. You don’t need to pray for Jesus to come down and save you out of your circumstances. Simply speak the Word and that Word will save you! (John 1,1-5 & 14 & Philippians 2,9-11)