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Everything under Your Feet

02 Oct 2018

And he put all things under his feet...

Ephesians 1,22

Problems tend to completely occupy people and they cause people to sink into them so deeply, that it suffocates them. 
Those problems exist in great numbers and they will never completely disappear, as long as you're on this earth. Therefore it is up to you to finally learn how to walk right over those problems, instead of sinking into them and getting stuck. 

If you stand above your problems, on the strong foundation which is revelation, then you won't sink into that swamp of worry, but instead walk right over it.
If you don't have a good foundation though and let every problem move you, you will sink into every little swamp, until a big one finally stops you completely.

"But what is the revelation that is a strong foundation?"

I'm glad you asked.
The revelation is that all power, all authority and dominion in the flesh, soul and body, is under the feet of Jesus and therefore under YOUR feet, since you are the body of Christ through which Jesus acts and in whom He lives! 

That revelation of the great authority that can flow through you is magnificent! The revelation allows you to live far above your circumstances and your problems, no matter if they are of the flesh, the soul or the spirit.

Get that revelation and thereby stand on the firm ground that leads you right across the swamp of problems, instead of sinking in and suffocating!
No problem is too big for Jesus in YOU, and with Him it doesn't matter how deep that swamp is, for His path always goes right across! 

Everything in this world, including your current situation and your problem, is under the feet of Jesus and therefore under YOUR feet, for you are the body of Christ! 
There is no need for you to bog and suffocate in all your troubles. Get a good revelation of the fact that Jesus lives in and through you and that therefore everything He can overcome, YOU can overcome.
That revelation is the firm foundation required for you to keep your circumstances under your feet and control them, so that they will benefit you.
Don’t sink deep into your problems. Take authority and just run them over!
(Ephesians 1,18-23 & Matthew 14,24-29)