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Which side do You choose?

01 Oct 2018

The Lord makes poor and makes rich; he brings low and he exalts.

1 Samuel 2,7

That verse is not written to show you that God will sometimes take the good things away from you and make you poor, or that He will humiliate you and make your life lousy, because that is just what He chose to do that in all His wisdom. 
To the contrary. That verse is a promise to you, that doesn't only promise you wealth, but also success and honour!

It is important to understand who God is going to make poor and humiliate and who He is going to make rich and exalt in the process! 
God wants to take all the riches that this world stored up and transfer it into the hands of His people, just like He wants to transfer the authority too, so that His kingdom can finally be established.
Got wants to take all the wealth and the authority of this world (of the devil) and put it into the hands of His people (the believers), so that YOU can now be rich and exalted!

So God is not doing this randomly. There is a specific group of people that will be taken away from and another group onto which it is going to be transferred. Now it is up to you though, to choose the group you want to belong to.

God will take out certain people, to put YOU into that high ranking position, so that His kingdom can increase. He will give you possibilities and make ways that are not accessible to others, because He wants you to finally make those impossibilities possible and thereby spread His kingdom! 

That verse refers to two different groups, and if you are on Gods side, only the good, wealth and honour will be given to you.
God will raise you up out of the dust to make you sit with princes and to make you inherit the throne of honour. That is His will. Now go and stand on His side of the battlefield! (1. Samuel 2,7-9) 

God is the one that makes poor and makes rich, the one that exalts and brings low. The question you should be asking yourself though is:”what side of this am I on?” God will take power from the world, He will take their resources and all they have, to supply His people and to exalt them, in midst of everyone else being humiliated.
God doesn’t make you poor one day and rich the other, exalt you one day and humiliates you the next. When you stand on His side of the battlefield you will ALWAYS be the one exalted and always be the one that’s being made rich!
(1. Samuel 2,7-9 & Romans 8,28)