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Breakthrough or Breakdown

29 Sep 2018

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Psalms 118,1

A prophet prophesied over this year, that it will be a year of breakthrough and that it will be a year of “breakthrough after breakthrough”, in YOUR life. 

That word is true and the Bible confirms everywhere that breakthrough is Gods will for you and that you should experience breakthroughs in ALL areas. But have you realised how similar breakthrough and breakdown sound, yet how different they are? 

The break- will always come, yet YOU decide whether it will be a break-through or a break-down.
Many think that it doesn’t really matter if I do things in my own ability or in Gods ability and in His grace, mercy, favour and great love. They think that it’s eventually all going to turn out the same way, yet just like breakthrough and breakdown sound similar, yet they are completely different, so will your results be completely different, if you trust in Gods mercy instead of your ability! 

You have two paths before you. One leads you into and through a life full of breakthroughs and the other one leads to breakdowns. Now it is your choice to choose Gods great love, His mercy and grace, that leads you to those breakthroughs!

Where in life do you still have more breakdowns than breakthroughs? Where do you still seem to be running against the wall?

It is time to choose God and His grace/mercy right here and now, because then you won’t have to be afraid any longer, since now nothing can keep you from breakthrough! 

Your life will either be a life of breakthroughs or of breakdowns! Both paths are laid out before you and now you have the choice between them. So before you continue walking, know that “Gods great Love/Mercy endures forever!”
Gods path of love, mercy and breakthroughs is still available for you and it is not too late to choose it. Don’t wait any longer though and choose it now, because I am sure that you don’t want to miss the breakthrough God has for you TODAY!
(Psalm 118,1-17)