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Just Do It Yourself!

28 Sep 2018

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4,7

Your enemy doesn’t just have free access to your life and he can’t just force you to do something. What he can do though is make suggestions and thereby convince you to do his will. 

Not everything happening in your thought-life comes from yourself. The devil works hard to bring certain thoughts into your head to confuse you.
Those thoughts can be harmless things, but can also go as far as suicide or even worse. Now if you are not aware that those things are NOT your own and that nothing is wrong with you, but that the devil is just trying to get to you, then you won’t be able to resist them and thereby win! 

So next time the devil comes to you and tries to tell you to just jump off this cliff, to talk to this “nice” woman/man on the roadside, to steal something or to just do anything else that you know is wrong, RESIST him!

When you resist your enemy, he HAS TO flee and leave your thought-life alone. Now if you don’t resist him though and continue thinking and acting on those wrong and perverse things, the devil will be there to feed you with even more “reasons” for doing those wrong things, until you are so convinced that you actually do it. 

Now all that can be avoided if you are watchful and sober minded and resist right from the beginning, as soon as the devil brings stupid thoughts. 

Whenever he tries to tell me something or gives me bad thoughts, I just say: “Do it yourself! I don’t think on these things and I cast them out!”
That means to resist the devil and to remind him that he has no power over you and your thoughts.
Be bold and put your enemy back in his place. The victory belongs to you! 

Your enemy can only make suggestions to you. He will tell you to do this or that, even though you know that it is not right and that you shouldn’t do it. But as long as you haven’t realised that it is not your own thoughts, but the thoughts of the enemy, you won’t have the authority!
No matter what comes up in your thought-life, as long as you know that it is bad and that you shouldn’t do it, it is a suggestion of the enemy and you MOST resist it, so that he flees from you instead of driving you crazy. Next time when the devil makes suggestions to you, command him to hide away from you and to do it himself! (James 4,7 & 2. Corinthians 10,3-5)