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The Solution: Walk in the Light

27 Sep 2018

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light,
we have fellowship with one another...

1 John 1,7

Every time something bad happens to someone, when people make silly comments, treat you bad, hurt you or do other hurtful and annoying things, we always want to blame that person and make them responsible for our discomfort. 

That reaction seems to be normal for most people, but what most people don’t know is that not the others are not to blame for all the bad and annoying things that happen to you day in and day out, but you yourself are!

All those negative and bad things are not of God and they belong to the camp of darkness. Yet God says that if we walk in fellowship with Him, you automatically have fellowship with light and wherever there is light, darkness CANNOT remain!   

So what is the answer for all the small and big bad things that happen to you? - The answer is: Walk in the light!

God already showed you something new in His word. A way of acting that you weren’t aware of before and that you haven’t practiced yet. That revelation could be anything and God will give you more of that, depending on how much you look for it. Now it is up to you though to practice whatever God put on your heart. 

Start practising the revelation He already gave you and thereby walk in the light. That’s how you will have the light that scares away all darkness and finally removes those annoying and bad things from your life! 

It doesn’t take some great miracle. Simply walk in the light that God already gave you! 

You shouldn’t blame other people for the things that happen to you daily, be it good or bad, even though that seems natural to us. 
Everything that happens depends on you and it depends on whether you walk in light or darkness. When you walk separate from God and try to do everything in your own effort, then you are walking in darkness and thereby all the bad and evil in this world (darkness) can touch you.
Now if you choose to walk with God, you are choosing to walk in the light and where there is light, darkness cannot remain! Choose to do everything you do in the light and no darkness will be able to touch you again! (1. John 1,3-7)