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Run Towards Your Victory

26 Sep 2018

Why do you cry to me?
Lift up your staff, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it...

Exodus 14,15-16

There are often situations in life that seem to be hard, that might not look promising or that you are scared of. But no matter if it is exams, the day that your rent is due or the day that a loved person has to go, you must not allow those days to hit you unprepared. 

The devil is behind those things and he tries to sneak up on you and give you the feeling to be in a hopeless situation.
That confuses a lot of people, makes them unhappy and drives them crazy. 

Yet that ought not be so!
You don’t have to put up with all that sneaking up and you also don’t need to try and ignore situations, until they hit you.
Now the situations will come, but you already have everything you need to prepare yourself for them and to finally turn the tables!

Instead allowing the devil to sneak up on you, take Gods word TODAY, with the promises that promise you victory in the situation you are about to face, and then start taking all authority from the devil now already, with the victory in one hand and joy in the other!

You are not powerless and you don’t need to put up with those little games. Take the promises, get ready for whatever you are facing and then run towards your “problem”, in joy and with your victory. 

That’s how the devil will regret having ever tried to sneak up on you, because now YOU will walk away with victory!

There might be things in your future that you are not happy about or that you would prefer to never happen, yet it feels like those things creep up on you day by day!
Now that is not the time to throw in the towel, give up and sit around crying. That is the time to take things into your/Gods hands and change them. Find the bible verse that promises you victory in the situation you are facing and start to overcome, with victory and joy. The devil will regret to have ever sneaked up on you, when you stand ready with victory in your hands. That’s how the situation won’t be able to overcome you! (1. Samuel 17,48-50 & Exodus 14,15-16)