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Take Off and Keep Going

25 Sep 2018

Not one of all the LORD's good promises to Israel failed;
every one was fulfilled.

Joshua 21,45

Would you like to lead a life of which you can say that ALL of the good things that God promised you came to pass in? 

Many would think that to be impossible. Not just because God has given so many good promises for EVERY area of your life, but also because many think that God and His word just don’t work for them. 

I am sure that Israel thought just like that when they were in Egypt. They probably thought that God forgot all about them and that He will just let them die in slavery. But thanks be to God, that He sent Moses to encourage those people and to give them Gods promise of a land where milk and honey flow. Where they will have EVERYTHING in ABUNDANCE.

The people got excited about it, they got encouraged and moved out of Egypt, excited about their promise.
Now the problem with them wasn’t that they were unwilling though (they were willing), but the problem was that they didn’t hold on to Gods promise and allowed their circumstances to lead them instead. 

That lead to many problems, up to the point where Gods promise had to be delayed for a whole generation, ONLY BECAUSE they weren’t consistent in what they believed. 

What am I saying with that?
Maybe you had an awesome start and took of running towards Gods promise, but after some time your circumstances, other people and certain situations convinced you to let go of the promise and return to a life of defeat and failure. 

If you are that person, then know that Gods promise is still available to you and waiting on YOU. Just stay with it and be consistent in what you believe. No matter what the circumstances or other people tell you. Stay with the promise and don’t let go of it, because then you will get to the point where you can look at your life and say that EVERYTHING that God promised you came to pass!

Stay with it! 

When Israel left Egypt, they had heard Gods word and chose to believe His promises. They left with a vision, a big goal and great joy. That kick-start and that willingness is good, yet the problem was that they weren’t consistent in it. They allowed their circumstances to dictate what to believe, instead of sticking with the original promise and walking straightway to their promised land.
God gave His promises and they will come to pass, but YOU decide when it will come. Take off in the right direction that He sent you in, but then stay consistent and don’t let go. That’s how all promises will come to pass! (Joshua 21,43-45)