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Be a Sign of Gods Favour

24 Sep 2018

...they will be an everlasting sign of his power and love.

Isaiah 55,13

Are you already aware that God chose YOU to set an everlasting sign of His favour? That He chose you to burry you in all of His favour and His best, so that even in heaven they will be talking about how much God blessed you? 

God wants to use YOUR life, to show others the glory of His kingdom and His favour, that He wants to give to people. 

But what will it look like when God displays His favour in your life? 

If God wants everyone to see that you are something special, a chosen and favoured man/woman of God, then He will have to change your life so that it is not like the natural and worldly anymore, but so that it is like the godly, glorious and honour-bringing! 

So what would that look like? - The mountains and the hills before you will break forth into singing, the trees of the field will clap their hands. Instead of thorns shall come up cypress and instead of brier shall come up myrtle. (Isaiah 55,12-13) 

That means that where the whole world is in bad shape, YOU will be in good shape. Where everyone is failing, you will have success. Where none seems to be getting a job, you will get one. Where everything seems hopeless and when your goals seem unreachable, you will have hope and will reach your goal in the supernatural!
No matter what the world has, God will give you better and no matter how good the world is, God will get you out even higher. 

That’s what it means to live a life that is an everlasting sign of Gods favour and that kind of life will never be forgotten! Be an everlasting sign too! 

Did you know that God wants to make your life an eternal sign of His favour, that He prepared for all men? He wants everyone to see that you walk with Him, act in His power and enjoy His presence, but for everyone to see that, He will have to do things through you that are supernatural and impossible for the rest of this world!
Where everyone is fearful and fails, you will have peace and succeed. 
Be willing to allow God to make your life into an everlasting sign of His favour, so that people will see you with all your blessings and can only think: “What a great God that he/she serves!” (Isaiah 55,9-13)