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Can Giving bring Joy?

23 Sep 2018

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you,
and that your joy may be full.

John 15,11

Have you ever given something to someone, that was very important to you, that brought you a lot of joy or something that you have been waiting on for a while?

If so, then you know what I am talking about today already.

God commanded you to walk in love, everywhere and always, because He knew how important it is for you, your relationship with Him and also your relationship with others.
Love is not just a nice feeling. True love removes all obstacles; in true love there is NOTHING that is impossible and as long as you walk in love, there is no goal that you couldn’t reach!

So love is something great and when you live in it, then know that giving is the biggest expression of love!

True love is willing to put aside all of their own wants and needs and to choose to give something precious away, to bless someone else with it. Not just because it knows that it will be good for the one who receives it, but also because it knows that what it will get back in return, is much greater and precious, than the thing it gave, could ever be.
And what it receives in return is joy! 

The joy from when you gave something good and precious out of true love, be it money, time, clothes, attention, your car or anything else, is just so great and powerful, simply because it is Gods presence and because it is Gods joy that just flew over into your life and made you “high”. 

I can assure you from experience, that the thing you gave is never worth the joy that you got back. Therefore don’t let anything keep you from your joy any longer. Be willing to live in love and to give, wherever you can!

The biggest expression of love are not nice words, but it is giving. Giving is the biggest expression of love! 
Giving, especially something that is worth a lot to you, is not natural and your flesh won’t like it at all, but that is exactly why love is much more than just a fleshy feeling. True love requires you to look beyond your own circumstances and your desires, and look towards blessing others, where you would have normally kept it to yourself. That kind of love requires a choice and when you choose to walk in it, others won’t just see your love, but also one of the biggest joys that you can ever experienced will come on you! (John 15,10-13 & John 3,16)