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Be Willing, for Better is in Store for You

22 Sep 2018

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world,
and lose his own soul?

Mark 8,36

“Are you willing to give up everything for God and His kingdom?”

That question always sounded negative to me and even though I knew that the right answer is “YES”, I never wanted to accept it, simply because I didn’t have the revelation about it yet. 

God says that if you are willing to give your life for Him, you will win your life. Then He also says that there is NOONE that gave something up for Him, who won’t receive it back again, RIGHT HERE on this earth! (Mark 10,29-30) 

So what does that mean? - God doesn’t want to take anything from you. He just wants your heart to be stuck to Him and not the things of this world!

As long as your car is more important to you than God, He cannot work through you in that area. As long as your house, your clothes or your social status is more important to you than God, He cannot use you in those area.
More than just that though, as long as your car, etc. is more important to you than God, you completely lock Him out and therefore give place to the devil, to ONLY steal, kill and destroy!

God is the one that does great things and gives you only good stuff, and He is also the one that wants to give you an even better car, so that you can represent Him even better. But as long as your car is more important to you than Him, He cannot bless you more!

So do you understand what it means to be willing to give EVERYTHING up for God now?
It is not about loss. It is about more blessing and greater things. A hundred times as good as whatever you were willing to give up.
The very best about all this though is that your willingness will allow God to become even closer to you and live with you, in EVERYTHING you do!

Whether you live in the good things of God or in all bad and evil things doesn’t depend on what you have, but it depends on your heart!
If your money, your car and your social status are the most important things to you, then your heart is in this world and opens the door for the devil to steal, kill and destroy everything that was so important to you. Now if your heart is with the things of God though, then your whole life will be about God and His favour, and then you will not only have what others are trying to cling to, but you will have even more and better things. 
If you are willing to give up everything for God, you will keep it, it will be blessed and even multiply in front of your eyes! (Mark 8,33-37 & Mark 10,29-30)