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Let God work through You

21 Sep 2018

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness.
For we do not know what to pray for as we ought...

Romans 8,26

Have you ever prayed for something that was important to you, but then started worrying right after, that you might have forgotten to mention something important and thereby left room for the devil to come in and ruin it for you?

You can pray a lot and bless everything that comes to your mind, and that’s how I used to do it a lot too, but there will always be some small area that you forgot.
That not knowing is a weakness that can destroy my faith and thereby keep the fullness of Gods blessing from my life. But since God knew that we have that weakness, He helped us out!

Gods Spirit never forgets anything and He knows everything about how to pray correctly, how to command spiritual forces and how to tell your angels to go to work.
Through that Spirit, God can give you the wisdom that you need to continuously get more insight into spiritual things. But until you have the full understanding of it, it is important that you let the Spirit operate through you, without involving your understanding much. (And you will only have the full understanding once you are in heaven.) 

For example: You have many angels that were given to you, to protect you, prepare the way for you, etc., and those angels are mighty and strong enough to vaporise all evil things coming against you.
Those angels are YOURS though and so they are waiting on YOUR command. Now if you don’t know how to command them properly, where to send them and what they should do there, simply let Gods Spirit speak through you and thereby command them. 

So if you let His Spirit speak THROUGH YOU, then He commands your angels so everything works out to YOUR best. The same also counts in all other areas of your life. 

Whether you pray over exams, a secure trip home, a blessed weekend or any other good thing. As long as you let Gods Spirit speak through you, all those things will succeed!
Don’t just rely on your own words next time, but use Gods Spirit instead.
Open your mouth, give the airflow to speak and then let Gods Spirit speak through your mouth. He knows what to pray and when you let Him, He will prepare everything PERFECTLY! 

You don’t have to worry, just because you don’t know what exactly to pray for and you are not really sure how to command your angels, so they work to your benefit. Not knowing is a weakness, but just like with every other weakness we could have, God made a way for you to overcome. - His Spirit!
You can let Gods Spirit speak through you, in heavenly, earthly and even angels voices, as long as you are willing to provide your mouth to speak through. Gods Spirit knows exactly what needs to be said and how those spiritual powers are commanded. Let His Spirit speak through you so that His power can become visible in your life! (Romans 8,26 & Hebrews 1,14)