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Sanctify it and it will Bless You

20 Sep 2018

...which God created to be received with thanksgiving
by those who believe and who know the truth.

1 Timothy 4,3

Many think that it’s not Gods will for them to get married, to eat good things and to enjoy any other good thing in life. But the sad thing is that that misunderstanding has kept people from their perfect partner, their favourite dishes and all other good things, simply because they haven’t received the revelation of this verse. 

God doesn’t want to forbid you to marry, eat good things or enjoy any other thing. He Himself enjoys fellowship, has the heaven full with good things and enjoys only the best of the best. Why do you think that He would want anything different for you? 

He wants you to be able to marry and enjoy a good marriage, just like He wants you to enjoy delicious things, and that’s why He already provided you with all those things, HERE on this earth.
You don’t have to wait for God to drop your favourite cake, your perfect spouse or any other good thing down from heaven. 

The whole earth and everything in it belongs to you as heir and child of God and that’s why all the good things that you prayed for or that you would like to have are already here, including your partner.
Now the devil also plays a part in this though, because we allowed him in and so he managed to cover the good things with dirt, so that you cannot recognise them anymore!

But don’t worry, because you have so much power that only a few faith filled words, based on Gods word, can undo everything the devil has defiled in hundreds of years. 

So start sanctifying yourself, your friends and everything around you, through Gods word and prayer, and thereby scatter every chain of the devil and all dirt crusts that have been covering your promises.
Be ready to finally receive the fulfilment of your prayer and don’t wait with thanking God, until they have fully appeared. Thank Him now already that the crust has fallen and His promises are no longer hidden from you!

There are many things that God already created and prepared for you as a believer, be it the perfect spouse or your favourite dish! All good things were created for you and are already here on this earth, only that now you have to free those things from all evil by receiving them with thanksgiving and prayer according to Gods word!
Many of your (Gods) promises and many answers to your prayer are right in front of your nose, but you weren’t able to see them yet because you haven’t gotten rid of the dirt that’s covering them, by using Gods word. Use it, sanctify everything around you and receive the fulfilment of your prayers! (1. Timothy 4,1-5)