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Enjoy the Impossible

19 Sep 2018

And the crowds marveled, saying,
“Never was anything like this seen in Israel."

Matthew 9,33

If you could do all the things that seem to be impossible for the rest of this world, no matter whether it would be useful or if it’s just for enjoyment, wouldn’t you really enjoy yourself doing all those impossible things over which people just marvel? 

Of course you would enjoy it! But did you know that God is a lot like you in that area?
He enjoys it a lot, to do things so that people simply marvel at and by which they are moved to worship. He enjoys preparing ways where there were none and bringing victory where all seemed lost; healing the sick that are just about to die and giving abundance where there was just enough to survive. When He does those things then it brings Him great joy. And why shouldn’t it? You would enjoy it just as much. 

But God differs from lots of people in that He is not only after His own glory, but He also wants YOU to be glorified together with Him, since you are His family!
But you not only belong to His family. God also offered you His friendship, so that you can walk this earth with Him and simply enjoy life, in all His glory and His power, flowing through you. 

God wants to do impossible things for you, through you and in you. Things that the world hasn’t seen before. Things that will lift you up high and Him along with you. 

Choose God as your friend and your partner for life and start really enjoy life. Every day new breakthroughs, new records, new healing, success and all other good things.
And if you already have a life partner, then step into this friendship together, so that even more power can be released. 

Just don’t wait any longer, because your good life is only a decision away! 

God is a God that simply enjoys doing the impossible! He enjoys doing things that everyone thought to be impossible. He enjoys it when people marvel because of His glory and His power, BUT more than that He enjoys to glorify you along with Him and bringing you out on top, even though it was Him who did the work! 
You can live with God as your best friend and walk this earth in manifestations of His power, do impossible things and most of all enjoy His company! Become “Best Friends Forever” with God, because then you will enjoy everything you do much more than you could ever enjoy it with someone else!
(Matthew 9,32-33 & Psalm 16,8-11)