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Loosen your Good Life

18 Sep 2018

Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,
and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

Matthew 18,18

Just like there are natural laws (gravity for example), there are also spiritual laws, which even operate far above natural laws. 

Those spiritual laws were given to you to live a good life in full authority. But if you don’t learn to use those laws for your benefit, they can even harm you, by you not being aware of them. 

Your training in Gods word and His way of ruling teaches you to use those spiritual laws for your benefit, instead of against you, and one of those laws is the law of confession. 

You have the power to bind or loose everything on this earth, no matter if it’s your healing, your prosperity, your joy or your blessed relationship. That loosening and binding only happens through your words though. 

Your enemy (Satan) works hard to bring situations and circumstances to you that will cause you to start talking bad, discouraging and fear-filled words, since he knows that your words steer and change your whole life. 

So once I understood this concept while I was studying and finally started talking POSITIVELY about my exams, my future and also my relationship, instead of releasing doubting and fear-filled words, everything changed.
My fear got less every time I confessed this. I got more relaxed, had more confidence and was more certain of victory. Not because I studied more, but because I started loosening my victory and my good life through those words and through binding up my failures, fears and sleepless nights!

It is not the words, that you confess over yourself in your prayer time once a day, that will change your life. It is the words that you speak over your circumstances and yourself day in and day out. They will change you and change your life according to those words.
Only speak good words of victory and success over yourself and your life and you will see how whatever you say comes to pass! 

It is important for you to know that everything that happens around you, all your circumstances and all those daily things, shouldn’t control and affect you. You should control them and change them according to your/Gods will, through the spiritual law of confession!
By you speaking those things that you hoped and prayed for, instead of speaking about all those things happening around you, you take authority over your circumstances and change them according to your plans. Do it like God does and speak those things that you want to have. Not the things that you are afraid of! (Matthew 18,18-20)