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Love - Feeling or Choice?

17 Sep 2018

Love is patient...and does not insist on its own way.
Love never ends.

1 Corinthians 13,4-8

You need to learn to not rely on your feelings anymore in the things you do, and to rely on the qualitative decisions that you made according to Gods word instead!

Feelings come and go. One moment you are hungry, the next you are stuffed. One moment you feel so great that you want to sing and the next moment you just want to cry. One moment you feel loved and feel like loving and the next you feel none of that …
That’s why God doesn’t want you to live by your feelings and lead a feeling-lead life. He wants you to be steadfast, immovable in all circumstances and mood swings and commited!

The bible says that love never ceases to exist or fails. God Himself is love and thats why it can never leave. But just like you cannot live with God as long as you make it dependant on whether you feel Him in your life or not, the same way is it impossible to live in true love, as long as you still rely on your feelings.
You need to choose God before you ever saw Him and that’s how you need to choose love, bevore you can ever experience its fullness!

Therefore don’t base your love on the feelings that that person might give you or on the advantages that the relationship brings. Base your relationship and your whole life on the decision to love and then you will see how your feelings will align with your decision!
True love doesn’t just come from one moment to the other, after you had some great experience. It comes through a firm decision, to always love and to never let go, whether that person makes you feel like loving or slapping them with a frying pan. 

That’s how God loves you and that’s how you should love others, your partner included.
A relationship and especially a marriage that is based on that commiting decision and not on feelings CANNOT and WILL NOT fail, since it has the true, Gods kind of love, which cannot cease to be, fail or dissapoint! 

Love is more than just a feeling that comes and goes depending on what a certain person did or didn’t do for you. Love is a choice that you make once and then never let go of, no matter what your feelings tell you!
Your feelings constantly change and as long as you rely on them to lead you in life, you won’t make it very far. 
As long as you made the 
committing decision to walk in love, your feelings and everything around you won’t be able keep you from the love anymore and then your feelings will have to align with your choice! (1. Corinthians 13,4-8 & John 3,16-21)