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Does it glorify God?

15 Sep 2018

And whatever you do, in word or deed,
do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus...

Colossians 3,17

People always want to have lists of what is right and wrong. All the questions about what the bible says about drugs, smoking, drinking and many other things for which you might not have found anything specific in the bible, keep coming up. What the people that are busy with those questions haven’t realised though is that God doesn’t want to deal with you according to lists and rules, but simply in an open relationship, in a friendship, where He can talk right to you!

There are many things that you shouldn’t mess with and that are not right, but God doesn’t have to give that to you in list-form, since you already have them on your heart. (Jeremiah 31,33) 

In EVERYTHING you do, you should always ask yourself: “Does that glorify God?”

That simple question opens the door for Gods Spirit to show you His will and to not command you around, but to guide you in everything you do. 

You and I, we should live a life that glorifies God. Not just because He is such a great God, but also because a life that glorifies Him also glorifies us and brings us out on top.
If I ask myself that question in all areas of life and then follow His Spirit, God will guide me into His will in all areas. And that will is simply a life in heaven on earth! 

When you fight with someone next time, ask yourself: “Does that glorify God?”. When you go out drinking again next time, ask yourself: ”Does that glorify God?”. When you look at your finances or your sick body, ask yourself: “Does that glorify God?”

If you cannot answer that with “YES”, then follow whatever God put on your heart, because that’s how He will lead you out of addictions, poverty, sickness and suffering, into His beautiful kingdom, here on this earth!

There are not a bunch of rules that you have to follow and there is also no list of things that you should and shouldn’t do. God made it very simple for you, so that you cannot miss it. 
He gave you His Spirit to lead and guide you, and that Spirit knows exactly what brings God glory and what doesn’t. Therefore don’t start arguing what is true and what isn’t. Just look into your heart and ask yourself: “Does this glorify God?”. If you can answer that with “YES”, then do it. If not, let Him show you what the right path is! (Colossians 3,14-17 & John 16,13)